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Each Course accommodates up to 6 individual students*.  We start with a welcome dinner, followed by up to four full days of cooking and eating, beginning around 9:30 in the morning until the conclusion of dinner, with a final brunch on departure day.  Most days there will be a three hour afternoon break (free time) for relaxing, exploring and shopping.  Plus, each course usually includes two excursions and at least one lunch eaten at a local restaurant. 
Cooking classes are intended for both novice and seasoned cooks with an emphasis on the rural foods of SW France - duck, pork, cultivated game birds, prunes, garlic, melon, walnuts, buckwheat, corn, Armagnac, Floc, and local wines.
Upon request, any course may be made private.  For a group of 3 or more, there are no additional fees.  Smaller groups would need to pay the 3 person rate. Students under 18 are sometimes permitted in a Private Course.
When available, Family Groups can be booked for a single fee that includes everyone, although only 6 may be designated as students.  Families are encouraged to join us especially during the Holiday and New Year's Celebrations, when the entire family is invited into my home each day to relax, share meals, decorate, help in the kitchen, play games, and enjoy quiet entertainment - somewhat like visiting a French grand-mere.  Family members 17 and under must be accompanied by at least one non-participating adult willing to supervise at all times.  Due to safety considerations, no exceptions can be made, even for mature children.  We have WIFI and you are welcome to bring media devices as we do not have a TV.
If you are traveling with family or friends who will not be taking our Cooking Course, space permitting, they may enroll as a Non Participant which entitles them to join us for dinner and excursions.*  
​We currently offer three options, each with a different focus. 
Rural Gascony Summer and Spring - 5 days
This class is for those interested in regional cooking.. and eating, and includes daily excursions to local markets, wine, and Armagnac producers, with a focus on Gascon cooking adapted to fresh, easy, seasonal eating. 
Click for details.
Rural Gascony Fall and Winter - 5 days
This class is for those interested in regional cooking.. and eating, and includes daily excursions to local markets, wine, and Armagnac producers, with a focus on slow cooking, and traditional Gascon dishes.  Click for details.
Holiday in Gascony - 5 days
Oriented towards families and groups who would like to spend a relaxing week cooking for the holidays, eating, drinking, decorating, and celebrating with friends or family.  Children are welcome.  My home is open to all daily, from 9:30 in the morning until the end of our evening dinner.  Click for details.
  Group day classes may be arranged by special request for those who want to experience a long day of Gascon cooking, as part of their stay in SW France.   Or, it may be possible to join an existing class.
Gascon for a Day (1 day) or Join an Existing Class (1-3 days)
Click for details.
For Participants, The Course Fee includes all lunches and dinners, morning coffee and pastries, all excursions, cooking materials, class recipes, space to 'hangout' during break, a welcome apron and a class gift. 
For Non-Participants, the fee includes all dinners, and excursions.
For Family Group Members, the fee also includes the use of my first floor from 9:30 in the morning until the conclusion of dinner, all meals, all trips, special events, and quiet entertainment. 
Transportation to and from the United States, transportation to or from airports and/or train stations to Lectoure, transportation to and from class, car rental fees, and lodging.  Please note that if you are staying in Lectoure village, it is very easy to walk to my home.
When you request a booking, I will hold the reservation for seven days. This is to allow you time to make make a lodging reservation.  At some times of the year, this can be difficult, especially during holidays and August.
Class fees must be paid in advance.  A non refundable 50% is due within 7 days of making your reservation and the remainder is due two weeks prior to the class.  This must be paid in American dollars using a credit card, bank card, bank transfer, or phone app.
PLEASE NOTE: As there is no refund possible on any amounts paid, we recommend purchasing trip insurance to cover any necessary cancellation. Should you not be able to attend, you may be able to give or sell the class to another participant.
Our course start on Monday evenings, has been selected to allow you to fit your class within a traditional one week of vacation, including transportation and recovery time.  In most cases, upon advance request, dates can be shifted up to two days in either direction.  Two and three day classes can also be arranged.  If there is an ongoing class, you may be able to join it for a single day.
*Non adults (Participants and Non Participants) under the age of 18, are restricted to Private  Groups and Family Groups.
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